The name “Nawa Arwut” 

“Nawa(Pali)”  is an ancient language for number nine. This word might be new to westerners or even some Thai people but has been existing with Thai people since around The Kingdom of Sukhothai. You might come across this before but might not notice. Such as The official name of King Rama 9 staring with “Nawa Min” Which means “King Rama Nine”

  You’ll see more of this counting system in ancient beliefs, religion etc. and notice more often as you study the Thai language.

“Arwut” Means weapons.

So Nawa Arwut mean “Nine Weapons” 

There are two hands, two elbows, two knees, two legs, and the most important weapon is your head. 

Head butt? Though ancient Muay Thai used head butts until changing the rules in King Rama 5 era (Including name changing to Muay Thai, and from Kard Chuek to boxing gloves) around the 1920s, BUT head butt is not exactly what ancient people meant for head to represent.

For those who have been studying some Thai culture or legitimate Muay Thai Kru. Would realize that the arts are very spiritual. That’s because in ancient day Thai fighting style commonly taught in temple and most of the time, by Bubhism monk. 

The nith weapon were to mean your spirit and some masters refer also as knowledge, or spirit.

My master once told me that “This weapon is the most important, it separates us moral from other animals and with this weapon, WE ARE POWERFUL BEYOND MEASURE.