Learning Muay Boran and Krabi Krabong online.

I’m thrilled to announce that Krabi Krabong classes are finally here!

For years, I have been learning and sharing the knowledge of Muay Boran and Krabi Krabong with brothers and sisters around the globe. From beginner to instructor (Kru Muay) who own their training program. 

If you are having the same struggle like many Muay Boran / Krabi Krabong practitioners who resident outside of Thailand and you keep running in to couple of these issues;

  • You have always wanted to visit Thailand and learning from legitimate Kru(s) but never get a chance to
  • You have always wanted to learn Muay Boran / Krabi Krabong but have no idea where to start 
  • Although you could find a great Kru, your two weeks vacation can’t get you where you wanted with training. 
  • It’s seems impossible to find reliable source to practice on your own  
  • You got all cool setup in the backyard for training but not sure if you are developing a good habit
  • You struggle trying to get an answer about techniques or why/How from your Kru in Thailand due to time zone different
  • You got all the basics down, and want something more challenging to work on. But it will be a year of waiting until your next Thailand trip. 
  • Just like many true martial artist, you just love learning and never hesitate to adding knowledge in to your tool box
  • You want martial arts program structure where you can pick your own paste with mentor to guide you through the process

If this sound like you, if these are many yeses from above then this program might fit you!


  • 300+ Videos learning materials exclusively for members only
  • Spreadsheet for tracking your accomplish
  • Assignment suite just for you
  • Live discussion with instructor once a week, tracking progress (optional)
  • Exam at the end of every chapter.


  • Choose your own schedule
  • Training from anywhere
  • Exclusive closed group support (Facebook) discussion with other light minded martial artist
  • Set up your own goal and control your accomplishments.

About Curriculum / system

This curriculum is designed for all level martial artist. There are many martial arts around the globe wish they could learn Muay Boran / Krabi Krabong from wherever they are. Though many are fortunate having Kru Muay who’s knowledgeable and qualify to teach in Their town. Unfortunately, many aren’t.

For many years, i have been wishing “we” who fall in love with ancient martial arts could have place to support each other, learning, and growing together. Most importantly, having curriculum what we could be pride of keeping high levels of knowledge and quality of the system’s member.

There is nothing tradition about online class, but if that’s the only way for now to stay learning and connecting with those who have the same passion. I think we should take advantage of technology. Of course you can always go back to old school, living at Muay Thai camp like how i grew up.

I have been working with many well respected Kru Muay (Muay Thai Teacher) and Kru Dap (Krabi Krabong teacher) for past few years. Who are part of making this system happen. “Nawa Arwut” It’s base off of an ancient fighting philosophy “science of nine” The direct translation is “Nine Weapons”

With Kru Pol Muay Thai. Old school Martial Arts, curriculum for martial artist around the globe to practice from home.